The Results: People Will Test Boundaries Going Out of Their Way For Love


To get caught up on where this post is coming from, read this.

I asked 100+ people located in NYC, outside of NYC and other states, “How far would you travel for romance?”

Disappointingly, only 19 people* responded to this survey. However, I was more disappointed in my administering of the poll (still learning!). Thank you to those who participated!

Here are the results:

42% said it doesn’t matter; where love is I’ll be there

42% said they’d would go out of state

11% said they’d travel internationally

5% would travel across country

0% would only stay in their neighborhood/town for love 

I am happy to report that these results suggest people are willing to travel outside of their comfort zone to be with their boo than stay within “their boundaries”.

P.S. After working at the Marist Poll and taking public relations classes, I do know that for polls to be concrete 1000+ people must provide their opinions. In addition, the results could be broken down into categories depending on age, sex, income, location, etc. This was just a fun test and maybe I’ll consider conducting it again in the future. 🙂

*Two more people voted after this post was published however that did not alter the results.

Source: Rebloggy

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