Uncomfortable Houston Family Interview on “The View”

I have always enjoyed The View. “But they don’t have any conversational manners…they always talk over each other!” Anyone who knows me knows that people without conversational manners grind my gears. But as they say, the only rule that exists is that there is an exception to every rule – The View is my exception.

Two days ago, Whitney Houston’s family was on the show to promote The Houstons: On Our Own, a new reality TV series, which made its debut yesterday, October 24 on Lifetime at 9 p.m. Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat Houston, mother, Cissy Houston and Pat Houston’s daughter were all on the couch for this interview. It is common knowledge that Barbara Walters is Mama View, the matriarch of daytime television. Walters dominated this interview with the Houston family making the guests and viewers at home feel uncomfortable – check it out.

In the clip, the tension started with concern for Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina – is she too young to be engaged at 19 years old? Co-host, Sherri Shepherd  stated, “Well, a lot of people get married young….” The conversation moved on to a touchy suspicion (which we can almost assume is correct based off the comment Cissy Houston made) – are they doing it for the money? Is it right for Bobbi Kristina to grieve and grow up on a reality show? Pat Houston shot this notion down by saying that the show is about the family, not only Bobbi Kristina, and that “the cameras have been following her since she was born”. Tension begins to stack higher and higher, forcing Sherri to cut the thick air with a compliment to Whitney Houston’s mother. The last straw was the mention of Bobbi Kristina’s underage drinking on the show (around 6:30 you can see how uncomfortable Sherri is) followed by Walters addressing rumors about the amount of money Whitney Houston left behind.

My thoughts on this interview –

In regards to Barbara Walters. As a journalist/TV host, it’s important to push guests and ask questions the audience would like answers to. I commend Walters on doing that, redirecting questions, etc., however, she moderated this conversation with little compassion (until the end). She took on the role of a concerned parent, almost discounting the Houston family’s guardianship over Bobbi Kristina, which was not cool and uncomfortable to watch.

In regards to the Houston Family. Pat Houston and Cissy Houston shared the same views on raising Bobbi Kristina. However, Cissy Houston’s discontent with doing the show instantly put the family in a negative light. You start to think: “This family is being exploited”, “So it IS for the money”. It seemed like Barbara Walters was focusing on all negatives, but as the interview progressed somehow it started to makes sense.

There is one thing we can all agree on: obviously this family has gone through and are still going through a lot.     

Source: Sandra Rose

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