Ochocinco – “I Messed Up”. Second Chances After Domestic Violence?

Being the girlfriend of a football player, I am exposed to ESPN on a daily basis. Sometimes I watch, most times I don’t. This past Wednesday, I was definitely watching.


Do you guys know Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson? Of course you do. You: know him via football, saw him on Basketball Wives or Dancing with the Stars (2010), drooled over him in Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, or follow him on Twitter…or all of the above.

Anyway, Johnson married reality star, Evelyn Lozada on July 4, 2o12. The two dated on Basketball Wives (which starred Lozada) and many were skeptical of their relationship, making bets on how long it would last.

1.) Romances played out on reality shows rarely work out (See: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, etc.)*

2.) Johnson didn’t have the best reputation with women at the time – being so friendly and all.

A little over a month after marriage, Johnson headbutted Lozada following an argument about the receipt for a box of condoms she found in their car. As a result: Johnson was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, VH1 cancelled the premiere of their reality show Ev and Ocho and Johnson was dropped from the Miami Dolphins.


Fast-forward to December 5th, 2012. Johnson was featured on the ESPN’s First Take (for a more detailed interview – Video 1 and Video 2) debate with the dramatic duo, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith (who I’m convinced is related to Ludacris). Johnson delivered this message to NFL Teams after stating that he has “no regrets about the way [he] played the game and creating revenue to feed [his] kids.” According to him, “this is the  NFL, there are always second chances”.

Johnson repeatedly stated how apologetic he is about the domestic abuse situation with his wife (who’s face is tatted on his right leg – view picture below). He has also said numerous times that he wants Evelyn to come back to him.


This First Take interview, stirred up thoughts about taking back someone who physically (and emotionally) hurt you. Some say it’s important to stop the cycle once it starts. Others would say you have to be in that situation to decide how you’d act.

No, I haven’t been in an abusive relationship and I agree with the former. In my head, to abuse me is like saying “I’m above you”. Hierarchy doesn’t work well in relationships…at least not in the United States.  In addition, respect is due to both people in a relationship. Once the respect is gone, so is the trust, comfort, happiness, etc., everything that is necessary to the maintenance and growth of a relationship.

But then I think of the recently united Rihanna and Chris Brown. Their current relationship is like one big, public lab experiment. Will he do it again? Has he really changed? Time will tell. Love is a powerful force, for sure.

In the mean time, I’m sure Johnson has more ploys up his sleeves to try to get Lozada back. Let’s see how this plays out.

Source: Vibe

* Although I agree that reality tv isn’t the best for relationships, people get together and break apart every day. Reality shows is not the primary reason for failed relationships, it’s an added stressor.

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