Do White Men Really Like the “Au Naturale” Look More Than Black Men?

I follow the group Natural Hair on Facebook. Being a black woman who is constantly looking for the right hair products and cute hair styles, it’s nice to have a place where women are sharing tips/stories daily on hair – natural hair. The only “chemical” that has touched my hair is that from putting highlights in:


I may discontinue to do this because it has contributed to my severely dry hair, which is…not cute and annoying to deal with. Although, not everyone who chemically treat their hair has dry hair. Some people know how to keep up with it. I don’t.

Ok, enough about me. So yes, one woman posted this on the Natural Hair facebook page:

“….Ever since i went natural more white men hit on me than black men…anyone else experience that lol” – Christine A.

I thought that was interesting. Per all of the comments on this post – many, many women who have gone natural HAVE experienced this! I have to admit, I am shocked. Not that less black men hit on these women, but that more white men do. Some black men, in my opinion, are very judgmental towards black women and their hair. Hmm…I guess white men love the “afrocentrism” that natural hair represents. Questions that come to mind: is this just a preference thing, or something to really analyze?

Please, share any thoughts you may have on this! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Do White Men Really Like the “Au Naturale” Look More Than Black Men?

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  1. Interesting topic….I often wonder if it’s their deep down nostalgia from the slave era. Either that or they have something to prove: “I like ‘real’ Black women” or a “I’m down for the cause” mentality. I’m not sure….

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I would HOPE it has nothing to do with nostalgia from the slave era…. Of course, not everyone thinks the same, so it’s not good to generalize; I’m sure some of them are only “down for the cause” and others just find it attractive. Like some black men rather the natural over processed styles. While others turn away from it. It’s just interesting to me that MORE white men would love it (if this is true) than black men. It seems shameful when you read into it, but that’s the thing – I’m not sure whether to read into it or not, you know? But again, thanks for taking the time out to respond. 🙂

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