#WomenAreLit 🔥🔥. Period.


Michael Bloomberg is considering running for president. Spoiler Alert: Ben finally got rid of Olivia on The Bachelor. When I thought today couldn’t get better, I noticed a trend on Twitter, just in time for Black History Month – #BeingABlackGirlIsLit.
I have mixed feelings about this. While I’m all for Black women empowerment (being a Black woman myself), I can’t help but think about all the dope White, Hispanic, Asian women that I know and are friends with. #WomenAreLit. Period. There’s no denying that different races have different life challenges but as women we have more in common than we know. We are magical and powerful and strong. And no this isn’t an #AllLivesMatter type situation. It’s powerful for hashtags like #BeingABlackGirlIsLit to see the light of day because it will touch black girls who are insecure about their hair, their strong personalities, their background, women who are shamed for being too dark or “pretty for a dark skinned girl”, called “high yellow”, discriminated against in the work place, looked up and down, feeling unlovable. This hashtag does matter. Black culture and Black women are strong and vibrant and…poppin. But at the end of the day, we work with, are friends with, are in relationships with women of all races. There are many women who have personally impacted my life, reminded me how to be compassionate, smart, witty, well rounded. I can’t celebrate Black women without also celebrating all women.

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