Naked and Unafraid

Comic by Dave McElfatrick

I don’t mind seeing Lena Dunham naked. It’s a weird thing to admit because most people cringe at the sight of her areolas, pudgy stomach and pubic hairs. Yet, people are nude all the time in our culture. However, these people are usually tight-assed, toned, and have gravity defying breasts; they are waxed and filtered to perfection. My beef is not with people who have great bodies, it’s with the unrealistic visuals and positioning of these bodies that make people uncomfortable with their own bodies.

Before writing this post, I did a little research on the history of sex in America – an overall sad story of perception, repression, STDs, sex ed, revolutions – and I thought about attempting to dive into the psychology of why America is so tense about nakedness and sexuality but would prefer not to talk about it; this is not a dissertation. Instead, I thought about the ease of Dunham’s nakedness. She doesn’t consider being naked a brave thing, after all to be brave is to be fearless – how does this work if she doesn’t fear being naked on camera in the first place? Why do we even care? Obviously she doesn’t – here we are five seasons later.

Dunham said she was naked on the show because people are naked sometimes.“Yeah. It’s because it’s a realistic expression of what it’s like to be alive…” – The Wrap

In real life people pee with the bathroom door open, they roll out of bed naked, they examine body parts in the mirror. (Unless you’re a parent – people with kids are usually less naked, unless they’re a free-spirited family.) This post is not meant to convince you to be naked in a sexual way (if it leads to that, then by all means), it’s more to inform you of some benefits of being nude.

  1. You will take better care of your body if you saw yourself naked more often. #Facts. Clothes are material enablers.
  2. Less clothes means less laundry. Spend that money on food.
  3. You will sleep better. Very true. Your body temperature regulates better without the restriction of clothing causing you to sleep better.
  4. Your sex life will improve. People are hating on Lena Dunham but she’s probably having better sex than they are. #KanyeShrug
  5. Improves blood circuation. This is geared towards women, the elastic bands in bras and underwear…take it off.

Nakedness is more than just BOOBS and ASS. It’s a literal state of being – physically, mentally. If more people were unafraid to be naked, our country won’t be so up and arms about the whole thing.

Here’s to a more naked, happier you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Naked and Unafraid

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  1. I think they should do a husband and wife Naked and Afraid. My husband and I would totally kick ass! We lived in a tent without running water or electrity for 3 1/2 months. We built our cabin all by ourselves. Sometimes the temps at night got down in the teens. But we did it! I’d love to see how we would do out in the jungle, or where ever they wanted to send us.

  2. I agree. I think it would test a couple to the extreme. Honestly, my motivation is purely because I think we make a great team and I would love to see if we are as clever as we think we are. 😁

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