“Do you talk to all Uber drivers?”

Vasha from Long Island wrote my story before we even engaged in conversation. To him, I was a mother in my early 20s. After I debunked his assumptions, he questioned my sincerity when I said that I’m not a social person. It’s interesting that a person who knows nothing about you can create an entire rap sheet of who they think you are – something we have all done before and one of the many struggles of our human existence. Remember: we are biologically trained to compartmentalize people. Then, we pull in our personal experiences to help us figure out our next move. SoulPancake, a platform that “makes stuff that matters” – think: Kid President – mirrored my experience with Vasha, the Uber driver. There have been many documented, viral, first time encounters between strangers – from kissing, to getting in bed, to slapping  – and I’m obsessed with all of them. I don’t always talk to strangers because I’m usually suspended in what I call the purgatory for social interaction; I quietly battle between avoiding “stranger danger!” and being a kind human despite living in a world of unkind people. But when I do interact with strangers, I try to be compassionate, learn from and relate to them. The SoulPancake videos below (two of many) are out-loud, out of body, thought proving episodes of strangers learning the person in front of them. How many times did someone assume you were something other than who you know yourself to be? Please watch, and let me know your thoughts/experiences! 🙂



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