Product Review: Use Squatty Pottyđźš˝ for Flawless đź’©

Last week, a friend of mine posed this question in our group chat:

“Anyone ever used a squatty potty?” Then the following conversation ensued:



20170314_182819 (1)

If you watch Shark Tank, you may have seen the Squatty Potty episode. While many Western countries adopted sitting toilets in the last hundred years, countries in Asia, Africa and some parts of Europe still squat to defecate. This Squatty Potty infomercial (hilarious, but informative) explains why squatting is beneficial. It involves loosening your puborectalis muscle and shitting like a well oiled ice-cream machine (diet permitting); two minutes, fifty-three seconds well spent. If you’ve already seen this, watch it again to make your day even better.

You may be questioning why I’m writing a blog about a stool (the intent here is real.) No, I’m not being paid, I just like sharing things I love with people. Taking good poops affects many different areas of your life. Good meaning: “How comfortable are you?” “How quickly do you go?” “Does everything come out in one peace/piece?” Your answers to these questions can influence thoughts/actions/behaviors throughout your day, in my opinion.

I know what you’re thinking: “My shits are amazing.” But, if you can upgrade your iPhone every year (although, who does that anymore?) you can surely upgrade the way you alleviate bowel movements. 🙂

Some Final Porcelain Throne Thoughts:

  • “This is odd,” says my American born and raised mind. “The act of sitting on my toilet then placing my feet on no-slip surfaces – very strange!” Images of squatting on the side of a deserted road to pee because there are no bathrooms around surface. However, what follows puts all uncertainty to rest.
  • “My children will get teased.” Right? Because they will have no choice but to use it at home. Hopefully I will raise children who aren’t overly concerned about people judging them.
  • How do I get down? (Just kidding.)
  • This is what it means to live my best life.

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