Get Ready With Me (Seasonal Wear Inspired by @badgalriri)

Inspiration drawn from 1200 Creative Writing Prompts by Melissa Donovan

Creative Non-fiction 

18. What do you like to wear during the summer, winter, fall or spring? Write about your sense of fashion or lack there of. Does it change with the seasons?

My ideal wardrobe has yet to be manifested so here are my favorite things to wear during each season (in real life and in my head). A fashion tip that I learned from Goo Atkins is to pick a celebrity with the same body type, and whose style you admire, for inspiration on how to dress yourself. My celebrity is Rihanna (duh.) Here are some of her styles that mimic the ones in my head:


Oversized and comfortable. If you’ve seen pap shots of pregnant celebrities, that’s how my winter gear would look – like a pile of fleece blankets. Jumbo scarves, sweater dresses, thick leggings, thick socks, duck boots, booties. I like clothing items with really deep pockets because boy do purses and bags weigh you down. We (women) need to lighten that load.

giphy (3)

Source: Tumblr


I LOVE the softness of pastels. Nudes, blushes. I would love to incorporate more tans and dark browns into my wardrobe.

Source: Tumblr


Straight-from-Africa African prints; bright, eye-catching colors that make my skin tone pop; flowy and comfortable dresses; similar to spring: nudes, blushes and off-whites (less commitment); denim jeans, jackets, dresses; cutouts; jumpsuits; crop-tops. My ideal summer style is effortlessly comfortable, flirty, sexy.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr


Fall gear is similar to winter, but it’s a mix of oversized and fitted. Jean and leather jackets; shorts and tights; jumpsuits; bodysuits; ripped jeans; boots.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr


Most of the time I like to be comfortable and incognegro (I mean nito) taking on a literal interpretation of Invisible (Wo)Man.

giphy (2).gif

However, I love the effortlessly flirty, comfortable look, the, “Yes, I’m a woman, you can look but don’t try me” look. 2018 goals?

giphy (4).gif

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