If I Had to Choose, Cocoa Tea Would Be It

Chocolate is my first and forever love. Milk, ice cream, cake, cookies, wafers – it all tastes better when covered in sweet, or slightly bitter chocolate. I even want my wedding ring to be a chocolate diamond. Anyway, the love runs deep.

Something that I rarely have is hot cocoa. If I were to make a cup of hot cocoa using a packet of Swiss Miss and milk (not water! yuck lol), it’s inevitable that I would do a mad dash for the bathroom minutes later. When you look at the ingredient list (see below), you’ll notice that sugar is the first ingredient. Then corn syrup. As you may know, the ingredients listed on foods or products are according to predominance within that food or product. Not to say that I eat the healthiest all the time, and not to judge packaged hot chocolate users, but for me this stuff completely disagrees with my stomach.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 10.21.34 PM.png

So what is a chocolate lover to do? Make cocoa tea! To me it’s less tea, and more hot cocoa. It’s made with raw, natural cocoa, spices, milk, water and brown sugar. There are so many health benefits to gain from this drink, from the antioxidants found in cocoa, to the cholesterol and high blood sugar fighting power of cinnamon.

I created a short video to show you what ingredients I used, and how I made it at home:

How to make cocoa Tea! (1).png

Note: Depending on where you’re from, the ingredients could vary and include all or some of the following: condensed milk, vanilla essence, flour, bay leaves, etc. Feel free to make it according to your preference! 🙂

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