Working with friends + ONE BOOB AT A TIME ventures!

If you listen to the origin stories of successful people – whether they started in a basement, lived on ramen and microwaved macaroni and cheese (made with water, not milk), whatever it may be – it almost always includes a story about working with x person or y people for 10+ years, etc. AND NOW, these friends work with them full-time as their Creative Director, as their personal photographer, as their chef, etc. After watching many interviews, and in just growing up, I recognized the importance of networking horizontally, and building a team from the beginning. Thinking about all of the decisions that go into working on a business, project, etc. – you have to really trust the people you share the work with.

For example, two years ago, my best friend, Melissa and I created a podcast titled One Boob At A Time Podcast where we engage in good conversation, and give our take on…whatever interests us! (Past show topics include: people of color in Game of Thrones, maternal health in the United States, periods, cancel culture, revenge porn, money, and more!) 

If you know Melissa and I, you know that we’re both cancer babies, have similar last names, and interests. You may also know that we’re very different in our personalities, and how we handle situations (as seen here in our What Would a Boobie Do? Q&A on YouTube). Thinking about our podcast brand, we did a lot of reflecting on our vision, goals, and values as individuals, and as friends of 15 years. We had to hone in on (and are still figuring out) what our strengths are and how we can support each other in different areas.

Ultimately though, after thinking about what makes this partnership work – #1: we trust each other to make solo decisions for the brand. We also still check in whenever we need a soundboard. When our good friend Adel offered to help with video production, we were really excited because this was a good opportunity to further develop all of our skills, and take the podcast to a new level. (YouTube!) With that said, bringing someone else into the picture brought to the forefront things that we could be better at, like: holding each other accountable, providing direct feedback, being consistent. There are times when it’s hard to turn off the “friendship” and put on our “work” hats; the line is sometimes blurred, however, the more we see our potential, the more serious we get.

Looking back at my life, at my success as an individual, I’m excited to talk about the parts my friends played because ultimately, you are who you keep around you! 😉 ❤


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