For Everything That It’s Worth: Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Sent to The Liberty County District Attorney –


I’m writing because I cannot imagine my black father, brother, friend, coworker, neighbor being shot and murdered in cold blood for simply existing and fitting a profile. Black and male. I am genuinely disgusted, angered, and confused. Imagine your life being taken away because someone mistook you for someone else. They racially profiled, they stalked, hunted, and preyed.

What happened to Ahmaud Arbery was inhumane. Worse than inhumane. This is why black people are weary, suspicious, on guard when interacting with white people. Because time and time again there are too many examples to count – blatant and covertly – that reminds us where we are and have always been on the totem pole.

What happened to Ahmaud Arbery was contemplated. Travis and Gregory McMichael “INTENDED” on stopping and holding the criminal until law enforcement came? And yet, they ran up on him with a .375 Magnum and shotgun, just in case he was armed. No sir. Watch that video again. Watch that 25 year old man jogging, minding his business, unarmed. Whether or not Ahmaud was armed, he did not deserve to die.

Stop policing black men with such force and contentment. Stop treating us as if we’re 3/5 a person. We don’t want YOUR place in this country; we want OUR OWN. That man’s family deserves justice and peace. Lock em up.


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