Working with friends + ONE BOOB AT A TIME ventures!

If you listen to the origin stories of successful people - whether they started in a basement, lived on ramen and microwaved macaroni and cheese (made with water, not milk), whatever it may be - it almost always includes a story about working with x person or y people for 10+ years, etc. AND NOW,... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Want to Have Kids Until My Loans Were Paid Off

Once upon a time, I would second guess posting life updates like this for fear of people questioning my decisions. Why does she have to share this for the entire world to see? Who cares? But it's today-o'clock, and my decisions are now governed by myself and those whose opinions I care about. Life update:... Continue Reading →

I Am Afraid of Being Unintelligent

I wanted to write¬†for as long as I could remember. From the day I saw Harriet the Spy, I became obsessed with documenting everything, and how I felt about everyone. Diaries were tucked on the side of the top bunk of the bed I shared with my younger sister. I was always careful to cap... Continue Reading →

Admiring HotDamniRock From Afar

Inspiration drawn from 1200 Creative Writing Prompts by Melissa Donovan Creative Non-fiction¬† 1. Write about someone you admire from afar - a public figure or celebrity. Maurice Kain Carter from Maryland, who you may know as HotDamniRock on YouTube, is one of the first YouTube stars to break the internet in 2009 with a slew... Continue Reading →

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